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6 freelance side hustles that won’t interfere with your studies

Earning an income while studying can help keep you financially afloat. And as technology advances, the range of opportunities for students to make money is wider than ever.

While earning money is great, you don’t want your side job to interfere with your studies. Luckily, there are many full-time and part-time jobs for students that are flexible to give them an opportunity to improve their productivity and also focus on their education. Check out these six:

1) Online tutor

You might be frustrated that what you’re learning in school is difficult to apply to the real world. For example, maybe you don’t intent to use your great essay writing skills after you graduate. Regardless of the career you have in mind, you can earn income by helping people understand what you already know.

All you need is to develop your communication skills and understand your target audience. Remember, you will be compensated for the quality and quantity of service you render. Therefore, pay attention to the boring professor, learn more to improve your skills, and reap the benefits now.

2) Freelance writer and editor

If you are a good writer or you love writing articles, what are you waiting for? You can start earning today. There are lots of great companies looking for good writers to do the job. Good writers are hard to find and difficult to replace.

Again, the more articles you well, the more you earn. To write well, read well, and practice on a daily basis. And if you’d rather help others with their writing, know that editors are well compensated for their work and in demand.


If your typing speed is good and your grammar is on point, being a transcriptionist is for you. Simply, it’s turning audio files into text. It’s not complicated — most clients will tell you not to change anything. The skill you require is focus to avoid missing or misspelling words. The average pay for a transcriptionist is $20 for each audio hour.
4)Online English teacher

Most people lack the patience and strength to tutor because it’s difficult. But being good is worth it: the better you are, the higher the pay. When I was a student I tutored several people via Skype and worked at writing services and earned enough to live pretty comfortable.


Great photographers are rare to find therefore they get paid extremely well. If you don’t have the resources to buy a great camera, you can start taking photos with your phone and doing some editing. Start with what you have to get what you want in future.

6)Presentation designer

PowerPoint presentations are one of the most powerful ways people use today to deliver speeches or organize business meetings. Making them impactful isn’t difficult; all you need to do is understand what the client wants to be included in the presentation and ensure the slides are flowing logically.

Besides the benefit of earning an income, lots of students end up making their part-time job a full-time one. And as one of my friends says, “Any job that is performed in a great way will always present opportunities for growth”.

Therefore, start doing what you love to do. Start with what you have right now. Don’t wait or make excuses. Start your success journey today by learning how to perform whatever you do well.

Michael Gorman is a UK-based freelance writer and proofreader. He writes for best dissertation help and on a range of human interest topics. Reach out to him on Facebook or follow him on Twitter.

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